Another Country of My Life
        This country gives me a lot of confidence and gives me more hopes for my future. For a dream I have never dreamt before. This country changed me a lot; this country is Canada. This country changed me and my life. Before I came here, I have no merits with my school works. My mom told me, "You can't give up on yourself. If you give up on yourself then how could you get work in the future? How can you get money to use?" I asked myself, "Do you really want to be a famous star or an outstanding person in the future?" My mind told me, "If you really want to be that kind of person you should find another way to restart your dream."

        After several months, there was an advertisement in my mailbox. Mom asked me "Do you want to leave Taiwan to another country?" I answered, "Yes!" "I always want to try something that I haven't done before," I said in my mind. I talked to my dad about the plan, but he said "You are too young to go to another country by yourself. I cried, I was nervous and I was afraid that my dream will never come true.

        I tried to phone my dad every day. One day, after school, my mom told me that my dad said I can go to Canada. I put down my bag and phoned my dad right away. I promised to my dad that I will study and work hard on my school work.

        After coming to Canada, I understand its culture and I join the community. I have learned not to be afraid of showing yourself in front of people because there is no one who is perfect and wonderful. Try your best and that is prefect and wonderful! There is no excuse for "I Don't Know!" You have to try everything before saying "don't know". Don't be afraid to lose because only after the loss you can learn more experiences and to do better next time.

        I made a lot of friends. Annie is one of my best friends. She told me "Be confident and don't let anyone bring you down." Yasmine, Rita and Tanya told me "You are valuable." These friends accompany me to pass when I have problems. I know I need to treasure these friends, so I will try to be a good friend with them and be success on my school works.

        I'll miss these friends who accompany me. I want to say "Thank you" to my teachers who have taught me before. I will miss this community's warmth. At last, I want to say "Thank you" to my parents. I'll keep working hard on my school works and be successful in the future.

        這個國家給了我自信,讓我有更多的希望,而這個希望是我從為夢過的夢想,也是讓我變最多的,而這個國家就是加拿大。這個國家改變了我很多, 在我還沒來加拿大之前, 我的功課很差, 媽媽跟我說: 以不能放棄妳自己, 不然以之後怎麼工作?妳要怎麼賺錢?我問了自己妳在未來真的想要當一為出色的人嗎?妳如果真的想要的話那妳要找另一條路。好幾個月之後,我收到一個宣傳單,媽媽為我要不要去國外,我回答要, 我常常想要常是新的東西,我問爸爸,爸爸說我年紀太小不要出國比較好。我哭我緊張我害怕我唯一能實現夢想到路要中斷了!之後我每天打電話給爸爸, 希望能真求他的同意, 有意天我放學回家媽媽跟我說爸爸圖一要讓我出國了,我感己放下書包大電話給爸爸,並且跟他保證我會用功讀書。


        來了加拿大之後,我瞭解了這邊的文化,我也參加了他們的社會,我學到不要害怕在別人面前展現自己,因為沒有人是完美的!盡力就是最完美的;沒有任何理有說不知道,在還沒事過之前絕對不能說不知道,不要害怕輸,因為那是一個學習經驗的機會;我在這交到很多朋友,Annie是我其中一個朋友,她說要有自信不要讓任何人把以拉下來,Yasmine, Rita 和Tanya說妳是珍貴的,這些好朋友陪我度過很多問題,我知道我要珍惜她們,所以我努力嘗試做到她們最好的朋友,在功課上也有一番成就。我生活中的另一個國家,我會想念這些好朋友們,然後我想和所有交過我的老師說謝謝,我會想念這團體生活的溫暖,最後,我要感謝我的父母,我會繼續用功讀書,在未來能夠功成名就。