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Wayne Cheng 


Living in Canada
        Canada is a very beautiful country, especially Vancouver, one of the most livable cities in the world. It has good environment, fresh air, even the cloud on the mountains can make people feel peaceful and comfortable.

       Autumn is my favorite season. Wake up with birdsong and soft sunlight, have some local fruits for breakfast, and sit at balcony with a cup of coffee. The weather will be a little cold but still comfortable, have a walk and see how beautiful of the trees and fallen leaves are. Salmons start migrating at this time. You can see people fishing beside the rivers; some kids even encourage and cheer for the salmons.

       Most of the people here are nice and friendly. Besides those new immigrants, people always follow the traffic rules. Helping some senior people and to see their smile makes me happy, likesI am one of the society and a Canadian. Teachers and other students are very nice and willing to help new students like me. Math class is my favorite class, Miss McAuther is awesome and very nice, and math is my best and the easiest subject for me.

       Life here is not that busy, enjoy everything here, and you will find out how good it is.

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