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Tommy Chang


Studying Aboard
        The term "Studying Aboard" describes the process in which a student from a foreign country goes to another country and receives education there. This term is special for me, being that it directly relates to my current situation. I have recently moved from China to Canada to study aboard. My time spent overseas—away from my home—has not only been a pioneering experience for me, it was a pleasurable and honorable one. HanYin Education has provided me a gateway to a successful future; this path to the gateway, however, will not come easily. 

        To overcome this journey, one must prepare to adapt both physically and mentally to the environment; when one has achieved the so-called enlightenment to adapting to an environment, then one can call that place home. To me, the hardest procedure during this journey is to leave the place I used to call home, due to the reason that my mind has not chosen to adapt to a new environment. 

        The three months that I have spent in Canada has earned me the right to call it home; through the fire and flames have I have travelled, I have found friendship, fellowship, and companionship.


        對我來說,最難的程序是在這個旅程中留下的地方我稱呼家,因為我的腦海裡已經沒有選擇,以適應新的環境的原因。 我在加拿大花了3個月了, 我有權稱呼這個地方"家". 我已經走過通過火和火焰,我已經找到了友誼,友誼和陪伴。


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