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Rita Wang


The Start of Journey
        "Nervous" I thought; five minutes later, I step on this land again. In July of this year, my parents let me come here to study, after one month, I'm back. I felt the coolness of Canada when I got off a plane; I saw the enthusiastic embrace of John when I walked out of the airport.

        September, it's very soon to have vacation when I got here, and gave me some time torecover from the jet lag. The air in here is good, weather is also cool, teachers are very nice, while you don't know and ask him/her, and he/she will be very patient to answer. Is the education at here hard? This is the question a lot of people would like to ask. I think it depends on the individual, but actually it is not harder than Taiwan. The main purpose for me is to focus on my English, that's the important thing. 

       I came here almost for three months, I still wonder if I improved my English skill or not? Maybe a little bit! Honestly, I still do not really understand what teachers talk when I am in school. What's important about learning? "Time, Strive and Perseverance", I think. It is not possible to speak English well in a short period of time; in order to understand the language, it needs you to hear, to says, to recite every day. 

        After senior high school in Taiwan, I decadent for two years, so I decided to come here to restart. Sometime I admire foreigners or Chinese who grew up here, but I believe that by hard-working, you will improve day by day. I believe I can do it. To study abroad is the dream of many people, but that is not easy to study abroad. So I'm grateful to my parents let me come to here. Thank you, Dad and Mom; I will put my effort on study!

       "緊張" 我心想;五分鐘後,我再度踏上這個土地。今年七月中,爸媽讓我來這留學,一個多月後,我又回來了。一下飛機就感受到加拿大的涼意了,出了機場看見John老師熱情的擁抱。


       來到這裡也有三個月了,自己的英文到底有沒有進步呢?可能有一點點吧!但老實說,在學校上課時,老師講的還是沒有很懂。學習時什麼東西很重要呢?時間、努力和毅力吧 我想,英文並不是短時間就能講的好、聽得懂的,它需要你每天聽、每天說、每天背它們。


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