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Louis Chen


Studying in Canada
        Around two-and-a-half years ago when I first stepped onto this land that full of reddish, mature maple leaves, I felt insecure and uncomfortable due to the lack of companionship and social networks. With a sense of isolation, I had sunk into a downturn, feeling that my presence was not accepted by others in the community. What was even worse was my ethnicity and language had severally been questioned. Racism and rejection had been my headaches. Personally, I was solid in mind, so I did not care; however, things aggravated and I had noticed. The sense of loneliness intensified and I could no longer suffer from it. The situation did notchange until I met an intelligent supervisor who was fresh to the dorm.

        The supervisor had changed my life. I had experienced this ineluctable, brutal path, and had successfully walked away from it due to his assistance. He taught me a set of lessons about North American cultures, courtesies, and daily habits. The weekly highlight on Saturdays would be his lesson of authentic Western dishes, such as lobsters and crabs. Indubitably, his dishes were as delicious as those of Ruth's Chris. Besides, I learned how to socialize with local Canadians more fluently. I attribute my success to his ineffable contributions and devotions on me, and will repay him with my admission offer from universities with a sense of pride and accomplishment in return.


        直到我遇到了漢英教育中心的一位老師, 他教育我有關北美人的禮節,生活常識,及如何跟當地人打關係. 因為他的教導而使得我有今天這樣的成績.雖然稱不上什麼豐功偉業,但是我還是由衷的感謝他.


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