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Alice Chen


        To study abroad was my dream when I was a child; therefore, I have lots of patience in studying different languages. Moreover, to establish an international company, English is the most important part. Now, I'm studying in Canada, a gorgeous and appealing place. The environment here is very different from Taiwan; the fresh air, green grass and surrounded by lush trees, this ambience makes me feel that I am in the paradise.

        My goal is to attend a good university and finish my university degree in Canada. I have to put a lot of effort to accomplish it. Although I just came here for only three months, I have adapted to the lifestyle in Canada. I have been learning not only the knowledge from textbooks but also the culture when chatting with classmates. I am so glad that I meet lots of people who are extremely helpful to me. I am really bad at chemistry; fortunately, I got a friend who helps me a lot. By his help, I have not only passed each exam but also got a B on my final score. My parents spent a lot of money and efforts to help me to reach my goal. I will not let them down and I will do my best to let them be proud of me.




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